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Dear _ _ _ _ _,

I’m writing to apologize for inadvertently emailing you the .jpg of the morbidly obese middle-aged woman pressing her ample and unclothed bosom into the mesh of a screen door. I understand that you found little amusing in the display, and can only restate what I tried to tell you several times on the phone – that you were not the intended recipient. I realize that this is not the first time, and I also apologize for the earlier incident involving the image of a astonishingly hirsute nude senior citizen.

In both cases, I, like you, was a victim – in my case, a victim of the over eager auto-fill feature of my email program.

I hope I might count on your understanding and forbearance for these lapses in good taste. I can assure you that I will pay particular attention to the address field in all future email correspondences.

With Warm Regards,

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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Now, but not here. Here, but not now.

An effort, an effort to change the rules. To live without breathing and breath without living.

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I’m thinking a neologism is in order.

Something between interesting and cool. Only I can’t decide between intercool and cooleresting.

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We may be few, but you will feel our anger

Anonymous graffitti, High Dive bar, Brooklyn

Wherever we see it we will speak up.

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License to ill

maryland license plate omigod

Prior to twitter, prior to even the internet, there was the personalized license plate. 140 characters?? What a luxury. license plates typically maxed out at 7 characters, sometimes only six.

Despite the incredible economy and brevity demanded by the form, it is interesting that OMG was still a long way off. We were moving towards it, but only in fits and starts. ‘O’ for Oh…’I’ for ‘Y’ (because it is skinnier?). These were bold steps towards the decimation of the English language we all enjoy today.

We can laugh now the battles have been won, but could OMG ever have achieved such immediate success and notoriety if OMIGOD hadn’t spent years laying the groundwork?

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