Monthly Archives: October 2011


I understood the moment I understood I wouldn’t understand.

I was happy to have this thought. Because it was true, because it accurately described a moment that I had. An experience. It also had kind of a ring to it. A little bit of poetry.

Whenever I come up with a phrase like this – I call them fragments – I give them a quick Google to see who else has said the same thing. For someone, somewhere has ALWAYS said the same thing.

But this time, nothing.

So, that’s it suckers, you were too late.  I said it first. Give me the credit, put it on my gravestone, quote it in my bio. Google that shit.


Oh Shit, I just did it again, said something that Google says was never said before.  I am on a roll.  look out plagiarists and copiers, I am the true OG (ori-ginator)


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