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Passive Agressivist

Dear Service Person / Store Clerk / Inconsiderate Person on the Subway / Anonymous Car Driver Who Pissed Me Off Today / “Friend” on Facebook,

For whatever reason (fear / politeness / respect for social norms / conformist tendencies) I was unable or unwilling to confront you directly about my feelings of victimhood thanks to your insensitive ignorant / appalling / boring behavior.

Simply put, you shocked me / hurt my feelings / mildly annoyed me, and then our encounter ended, and I did nothing in response, or what I did do was ineffective at resolving my feelings, and now I am left dealing with these profound psychic wounds on my own.

Because I have no pillow to beat mercilessly as a means of releasing some of the rage and anger this incident has triggered in the deepest parts of my soul, I have decided to share your ungracious and tactless behavior with ALL my Facebook friends. Maybe some of them know you, or frequent your eating establishment / place of business / car wash / fb timeline.

Well, now they will all know what a gigantic prick / bitch you are.

I hope you are sorry now.

If you are my true and sincere IRL friends, I hope you will ‘like’ this status because that will make me feel much better.

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photo via: Richard Carter

Sometimes I find it comforting to know
My problems will follow me wherever I go.

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Thinking about the beauty of old faded VHS tapes

noise video by anil bawa-cavia

photo via: Anil Bawa-Cavia

Bad information is sometimes good information….i.e. there is an aesthetic value to bad information that can exceed the practical value of good information.

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Holiday Haikus

So far I’ve written two:

I just found out that
I have to waste Friday night
at a dumb party

No one told me that
I’d have to be a part of
this stupid event


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I understood the moment I understood I wouldn’t understand.

I was happy to have this thought. Because it was true, because it accurately described a moment that I had. An experience. It also had kind of a ring to it. A little bit of poetry.

Whenever I come up with a phrase like this – I call them fragments – I give them a quick Google to see who else has said the same thing. For someone, somewhere has ALWAYS said the same thing.

But this time, nothing.

So, that’s it suckers, you were too late.  I said it first. Give me the credit, put it on my gravestone, quote it in my bio. Google that shit.


Oh Shit, I just did it again, said something that Google says was never said before.  I am on a roll.  look out plagiarists and copiers, I am the true OG (ori-ginator)


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The State of The Union – In Alphabetical Order

Artist Lenka Clayton made this excellent video (excerpted above) where she took George Bush’s 2002 State of the Union address, and re-editted the entire speech in alphabetical order.

It’s bizarre, surreal, and disturbingly communicative and expressive – a very interesting exercise in finding hidden meaning in the most public of spaces.

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photo via: jp

Sunday feeling combined with post Saturday night drinking feeling combined with resurrected ghosts feeling combined with futility of trying to clean up the house feeling combined with well fed feeling combined with the sound of ‘Landslide’ being picked out on the acoustic guitar drifting into this room feeling. It’s a mix. It’s not a bad mix. Thorns thistles flowers and now we’ve finally reached nightfall.

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90’s Game Show – photo by james prochnik

There is that moment that happens to some – they’re sitting in the audience, and the host begins reading a name off a card, and they hear the words, and can’t believe what they are hearing. It is their first name – adrenalin begins squirting through their veins at high velocity the way water spews from fire hoses – and then their last name is called out. It’s their name. Their whole name. They have been chosen.

Adrenalin continues to pour through their veins as if an internal levee had broken, and all the chemicals and proteins and biological detritus that normally courses peacefully through their body is suddenly overwhelmed by the adrenal tsunami overtaking everything in its path.

They know they have to get up – it is their time, they have to get up, and walk down to the stage, leave the shadows and go in front of the cameras. They will actually be on camera, on television, in television.

For this moment, no matter what happens subsequently – the game – for this moment they are the star, all eyes and attention are on them as they walk down the towards the stage. It is a miracle they can walk. It’s a miracle they are not evacuating their bowels or bladders. Thank god for auto pilot. Thank god for all systems go.

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The Roach Motel

photo of old notebook the roach motel

I’ve been keeping little notebooks for a long time.  I never wrote a long entries, just little thoughts.  Roaches. That’s why I called this one “the roach motel”.  I bought pocket size notebooks so I’d always have one around.

The notebook above is from 1992, and it’s got a  post-it picture scotched taped to the front by my friend Todd Bonne.

From time to time I’ll  post stuff from old notebooks like this.  They are really old.  Here are a few deep thoughts c. 1992 (Italicized commentary is from today):

•The failures of nihilism and angry violence make the only honest target of true revolution myself.
You can imagine how well that revolution went.  Or you don’t even need to imagine.  Just look around.

•seX:  By Any Means Necessary
A succinct distillation of my typical mental state circa 1992.

•Art is never dangerous without an audience.
And it’s never bad without a critic.

•I’m a street crossin’ man.
I’m making this my new motto.

•Sometimes a hat is your best haircut.
That is for real.

•Many people see their long held fantasies become realities – I’m headed the other direction with the tide – I’m watching my realities turn into fantasies.
It’s as if I could see the future with 20/20 vision.

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