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Who is Aryan?

photo via: met museum

It’s hard to make the right call when the differences are so subtle – trying to figure out just how close a mosque can get to ground zero, or at just what point a largish nose starts to be a Semitic one. Thankfully there will always be experts to help us make these tough calls.

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The State of The Union – In Alphabetical Order

Artist Lenka Clayton made this excellent video (excerpted above) where she took George Bush’s 2002 State of the Union address, and re-editted the entire speech in alphabetical order.

It’s bizarre, surreal, and disturbingly communicative and expressive – a very interesting exercise in finding hidden meaning in the most public of spaces.

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The Pocket Notebooks of Famous Men

Thomas Jefferson’s notebook via: the art of manliness

As someone who has kept a pocket notebook for almost as long as I can remember (thus leading to my desire for this very blog), and as someone who is rarely accused of having manly habits, I was pleased to see this article in The Art of Manliness blog describing the pocket notebooks of various famous men.

Many were interesting, but I really enjoyed Thomas Jefferson’s (shown above) because it was erasable ivory leaves. He’d go about his day, keeping his notes, and then when he got home, would re-copy them into bigger notebooks, and clean off the ivory leaves to ready them for the next day’s writings. This is the kind of process you could only do prior to the internet.

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