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Sunday feeling combined with post Saturday night drinking feeling combined with resurrected ghosts feeling combined with futility of trying to clean up the house feeling combined with well fed feeling combined with the sound of ‘Landslide’ being picked out on the acoustic guitar drifting into this room feeling. It’s a mix. It’s not a bad mix. Thorns thistles flowers and now we’ve finally reached nightfall.

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Googling Words of Wisdom, Let it Be, Let it Be

A few weeks ago I felt like crap.  I had a  communication breakdown with some friends and ended up feeling screwed.

I found myself googling descriptions of the kind of wounded pride that I felt, and I found some good thoughts that helped me to navigate the sting. Mainly Marcus Aurelius.  Ever since I read his Meditations his words have been a comfort in times of trouble.

“When anything tempts you to be bitter:  not, ‘This is a misfortune’ but ‘To bear this worthily is good fortune.'”

I like his advice because it’s my understanding that most of it was not directed towards others, but towards himself.  He suffered the same hurt and indignities the rest of us do, only he also kept a written record of the means he used to deal with his problems as a way to remind himself to stay on the right course despite life’s obstacles and calamities.

I like that many of his best approaches to resolving problems are based on finding ways within oneself to re-frame the problem – a cognitive jujitsu that, like the quote above, turns problems into opportunities to prove one’s character .

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